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13th Aug 2019

Parents share reasons why their toddlers are crying and it’s hilarious

We’ve all been there.

Toddlers get upset for all sorts of reasons and usually unreasonable ones.

Just yesterday my daughter started crying because she was wearing a shoe that she asked me to help her put on. She also cried when I took the shoe back off.

We just can’t win, can we?

Parents across the internet have begun sharing the reasons why their toddlers are crying today and it’s hilarious and a little bit too relatable.

It’s not only parents who have been sharing their stories either.

One grandparent wrote;

“My granddaughter was upset because I couldn’t get the moon for her to hold!”

To be fair to this kid I would find that pretty disappointing too.

While people warn you about the toddler years and that there will be tantrums what they don’t tell you is that these tantrums will be for the most insane reasons that you will have no ability to rectify.

My daughter has pulled the same stunt like this on me, wanting food back that she’s already eaten. How exactly are we supposed to make food reappear?

You can see the full thread on the Ecopipo Facebook page and I would highly recommend it.