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01st Jul 2019

Psychologists say our kids need to get bored during the summer and I agree

My summers were never planned out as a kid.

There would be the odd summer camp week or a summer project trip to Mosney but for the most part, we just went where the day took us.

Now having my own kids I’ve felt the pressure to keep them occupied with activities 24/7 and honestly not only is it exhausting but I don’t think they particularly enjoy being micromanaged to the nth degree.

Sometimes kids just want to be kids.

A lack of natural light is putting kids at risk of going blind, says ophthalmologist

Psychologists are now recommending that we let our children be bored during the summer and I couldn’t agree more.

I’m always surprised at what ideas my kids with when they’re bored. It seems to trigger their imaginations into overdrive.

They think up all sorts of games and songs and stories and when their friends and cousins it becomes an incredible bonding experience. It makes their summers truly unique and gives them memories that no summer camp can beat.

According to Dr Teresa Belton, when speaking to the BBC, boredom is crucial for developing an internal stimulus which then allows true creativity.

With the pressures on modern parents to be seen to be perfect all the time, it can be tempting to sign your child for every class going over the summer months.

Instead, talk with your child about what they want to do with their free time during their school holidays. If they simply want to play outside with their friends let them.

They only get a few short summers to be a child, let them take full advantage of that.