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30th Sep 2019

Science proves that children obsessed with dinosaurs turn out highly intelligent

Is your child big into dinosaurs?

If they are it could come to mean that they are in for academic success down the line.

Recent research shows that young children obsessed with all things Jurassic turn out to be quite the clever clogs.

When my son was little it was all about dinosaurs. From what he wanted to watch on tv to what t-shirt he wanted to wear it was T-Rex or nothing.

According to studies conducted in recent years children who show a keen interest in dinosaurs has been shown to display above-average intelligence.

Not only that but these studies also found that young children obsessed with anything from bugs to trains or drawing were also more likely to end up top of their class.

According to KQED the reason behind this is that curiosity about a subject drives us to become more inquisitive people who ask more questions to obtain knowledge.

“When attention becomes focused on a gap in one’s knowledge. Such information gaps produce the feeling of deprivation labelled curiosity. The curious individual is motivated to obtain the missing information to reduce or eliminate the feeling of deprivation.”

So if you have a child at home who is all about that one obsession and asking lots of questions they might just become the next great inventor or famous author.