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22nd Mar 2018

Six tell-tale signs that your baby might need to burp

Know the signs.

Denise Curtin


Babies can be tough little customers at times, especially for first time moms – trying to figure out when they need to be fed, changed and burped all takes time. But once you start to figure it out and know the basics to look out for, you will be flying in no time.

In terms of burping your baby, according to Romper it doesn’t usually begin until a child is roughly two – three months old and thankfully isn’t too frequently.

But to help you out, here are the signs to look out for when feeding your baby that signal “mama please burp me”.

6. Stops feeding

If your baby stops feeding suddenly this could be a sign they need to be burped. Baby Care Advice explained that babies need to burp because they sometimes swallow air when they’re feeding.”Burping can help her to expel some of the air that she swallows,” they say, which will provide immediate relief.

5. Fidgeting while feeding

If a baby seems distressed or fidgets while being fed it can often be a sign they need to take a burp break.

4. Wakes up from sleep

If a baby wakes up from its sleep, it could be a sign that they need to be burped or fed. Burping your baby should be one of the first things you try if she wakes up in the night.

3. Scrunches knees up

If your baby scrunches their knees up, it could be a sign they are in pain. Babies often do this when in pain so it is best to note this action and trying burping your baby to help relieve the gas she may have built up.

2. Spit up

If your baby is spitting up a lot while burping this could be a sign that air is getting trapped under milk and it could be a sign to burp your baby.

1. Makes a sucking noise while feeding

And lastly, if you can hear a baby sucking in air while she’s feeding, she is more than likely ingesting air too and could need a burping.

These signs are handy to keep safe and note for when needed.