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25th Aug 2022

Stranger Danger: how you can help your child escape a dangerous situation

safety rules children should know before age 5

Extremely important to know.

We never want to think that our child may find themselves in a situation where they have to escape an abductor but it’s crucial that they know what to do if it should happen.

There are certain steps that as parents we can take to try and minimize the chances of someone trying to lure our children away but there are also important steps we need to teach our children to prevent the worse from happening.

1. If they become lost, look for another parent for help

If your child becomes lost on a day out and can not find a police officer to help them one of the safest options is to find a mother or father who is out with their own children.

2. Run in the opposite direction

If your child is walking home alone or like above they become separated from you and they feel like a car is following them, tell them to run in the opposite direction that the car is driving in.

If the car is following them it will by them time to run away for help.

Likewise if they feel someone is following them on foot they should try to zig zag as much as possible to stay ahead of the person following them until they can get help.

3. Create a codeword

I’ve seen several news stories on how having a code word saved a child from an abductor.

Make a special code word with your child and tell them never to allow anyone to collect them from school, playground etc.. unless that person can tell them the code word.

Even if the child knows the adult as a neighbour or family friend tell them to still ask for the code word to make sure you approved the person to collect them.

4. Ditch the custom backpacks

Items like custom backpacks are an easy way for a predator to lure your child away as they can pretend that they know them.

While safety measures like code words can help stop this from happening it’s best to avoid items with your child’s name on them.

5. Make a scene

If someone snatches your child tell them to make as much commotion as possible.

Scream. Shout stranger danger. Kick and fight as much as possible. Yell for help.

Many parents will disregard a child simply wriggling in an adult’s arms as let’s be honest who hasn’t had to carry their child kicking and screaming from the playground from time to time.

This is why it’s so important that your child make it known that they are in danger and they need adult assistance.