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14th Feb 2022

Study finds that children that go camping are happier and do better academically

Melissa Carton

Do your kids love to be outdoors?

If they are it could lead to a lot of success for them academically down the line.

Studies have found that children who go camping and spend more time in nature are more likely to excel in school and be happier.

Even though I’m a city kid I always loved being outdoors and going camping. Every summer I’d hike up the mountains to climb trees and stargaze, it was my favourite thing to do.

Once I had my own kids I wanted to make sure they got to experience nature as much as possible and whenever we travel I try to find glamping options or as close as we can get to it.

According to research carried out by the Institute of Education at Plymouth University and the Camping and Caravanning Club bringing your child camping and letting them spend time out in nature has many positive benefits that will last them a lifetime.

Over 600 parents were surveyed and most found that taking a break from technology such as tablets and computers helped them to become more engaged.

They even found that after a camping trip their children improved in school subjects like geography, science and maths.

The research also found that more than four out of five parents surveyed thought camping had a positive effect on their children’s school education.

Really there’s no downside to get the kids away from screens and outside enjoying nature but it’s definitely a plus that it boosts their brainpower.