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27th Nov 2019

These pyjamas are designed to take the pain out of potty-training at night-time

Knee-deep in potty-training your toddler at the moment?

Sending you love and light, girl.

Also – if you find night time harder than day time when it comes to quitting nappies (I know this sure was the case with my babies), you might care to hear about these new pajamas– designed to make life just that little bit easier right now.

Enter Peejamas, the overnight option designed with ultra-absorbent liners that soak up urine and absorb up to 15 times their weight in liquid so your kid stays blissfully asleep and sheets and – more importantly – the bed and mattress remain dry and stain-free for the entire night.

What this means, of course, is that you can ditch the nappies at night too – without having to live through the ordeal that is changing bed sheets at 2 am…


Now, keep in mind we haven’t tested these on our own kids, but we are more than a little intrigued as to how they would work.

Like: Do they really work?

And is it bad parenting to let your kids sleep all night in urine-saturated pajamas – even if they are ‘hyper-absorbent?’

Only time will tell. Definitely far less hassle though.