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10th May 2018

This €13 Aldi product is a must-have for parents of toddlers this summer

Out May 20!

Melissa Carton

With all the decent weather we’ve been blessed with recently, a load of families have been hitting beaches, parks, and gardens.

Too right too – because you never know when the sun is going to disappear again.

And one of the great things about half-decent outdoors conditions is that you can actually go… outdoors. Which for anyone with a baby or toddler is a god-send.

Speaking of getting out ‘n’ about – Aldi has a little something that recently caught our eye.

This baby pool looks like the handiest thing ever and having a little one who is not quite ready for the waves or a larger paddling pool, I’ll definitely be hoping to nab one for our next holiday. These little pools would also be great for at home use if you have a garden and in the cooler months could be used as a ball pit

The baby pool is arriving in stores on May 20. It can be folded out and filled with a small amount of water and even comes with a bag to transport water in.

The pool is part of a wider range of beach and pool toys for children and adults so if you have older children there will probably be something for them too.

As with a lot of Aldi’s baby products we see this one flying out of stores (especially if the good weather holds out!)

The Aldi baby pool is priced at €12.99 and is available in two colour combinations.