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15th Feb 2019

Video of Donegal toddler goes viral and all because of what she’s eating

Melissa Carton

A little girl from Donegal has become an online sensation after her video went viral.

The short snippet of the toddler eating her dinner was posted to Twitter during the week and has since been shared thousands of times.

Why? Because she’s eating something a little different than chicken nuggets and chips.

Little Lena Wilhare can be seen tucking into a big bowl of mussels like nobody’s business.

The tiny tot makes short work of them, un-shelling and eating away to her heart’s content.

The video posted by Mulroy Bay Mussels was accompanied by the caption;

“If our wee beautiful Grandaughter Lena Wilhare says our Mulroy Bay “Ussels” are Nice then that’s good enough for us. Miss Lena knows her mussels.”

Little Lena and her dinner has amassed over 83,000 views and has been shared across Twitter by more than 3,000 users.

It just goes to show you that toddlers will happily eat whatever you put in front of them if they see the adults around them eat the same. If all else fails you can always bribe them with ketchup.