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15th Aug 2019

Nathan Carter surprises fan at Drogheda traditional music festival

Jade Hayden

Our eyes. They cry.

Nathan Carter’s a good lad.

He’s got some good tunes (Wagon Wheel). He’s had some good shows (The Gleneagle). He’s been on some decent programmes (The Late Late Show Country Special).

A great man altogether.

And now it appears as if Nathan Carter has only gone and gotten even greater, because he recently surprised a young fan of his at a traditional music festival – and the resulting duet was a treat indeed.

Appearing at this week’s Fleadh Cheoil festival, Nathan landed in to sing his hit song (you know which one) with a young fan named Oscar.

The pair took to the streets of Co Drogheda to a hefty enough crowd to belt out the iconic lyrics and bash out a few guitar strings.

The festival, running from August 11 to 18, encourages young people to showcase their musical talents to the locals, all the while having an appreciation for Irish trad.

A special enough event for all involved – especially when Nathan Carter shows up.

This comes after Carter was kicked out of a hotel for apparently becoming “too rowdy.”

“We were a few shows into a Scottish tour and the gig the following day was only an hour away, so we all said ‘we’ll go back to the hotel after this show and have a few drinks,'”he told the Sunday World.

“When we got back to the hotel the bar had just closed. This particular hotel has a ‘shush!’ policy, which means you have to be quiet after a certain hour at night.

“They said we could drink in reception, but then because we were making too much noise we were told to go to bed. Of course, once you’ve had a couple of drinks you’re not going to go to bed.”

Mad lad.

You can watch the full video on Fleadh Cheoil’s Facebook below: