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20th Aug 2023

Mum’s hack for getting your kids to listen without having to yell goes viral

Love it.

If you have ever tried to get your kids to leave somewhere they don’t want to leave (park, playground, party), you are no doubt familiar with the absolute self-control you have to exercise not to totally lose it and start yelling.

Hint – sometimes it’s impossible not to.

However, US mum Vanessa Falone recently took to TikTok to share the absolute genius method she has come up with to get her kids in the car after a trip to the park – all without raising her voice or repeating herself.

Or looking like she was losing her sh*t.

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In the TikTok video, Falone revealed that she calmly calls for her children… through a microphone at the park, in public, where everyone can hear her announcement.

“Working on yelling for my kids in public,” she wrote.

“I don’t want to sound like those crazy mums that don’t have their life together.”

‘Love it’

The clip begins by showing Falone with a microphone in her hand.

(Kids being kids, a distant “Nooooo” can be heard.)

“Please gather your belongings and head towards the car… immediately,” Malone continues.

Clapping and cheering can also be heard – no doubt by other parents, who are loving Malone’s new hack.

Needless to say, other parents loved Malone’s new trick.

“And I’d be there like ‘See guys the lady with the microphone said it’s time to leave’,” one person wrote.

Another one joked, “Add to cart.”

Other parents shared how the heck they manage to get their kids to leave somewhere they don’t want to leave.

“Today at the park, I ran screaming ‘The floor is LAVAAA!! GET TO THE CAAAR’. It worked like a charm,” one mum shared.

Another added, “I would use my flight attendant voice for this. ‘Attention children, the car will be leaving in approximately 5 minutes, please make your way to the boarding area’.”