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Baby's health

28th Feb 2022

This is why you should always remove a baby’s nappy if they’ve been burned

Kat O'Connor

Burn first aid is so important.

A paramedic has revealed a major safety tip that every parent needs to know.

She revealed why you should always remove your baby’s nappy in a burns accident.

“Does your little one wear nappies? Then you need to know this,” she shared.

Nikki Jurcutz revealed that if your baby is burned then the first thing you must do is remove any items of clothing or jewellery that aren’t stuck from the burn site, including nappies.

“Nappies are designed to absorb and hold water. So if your child who wears nappies accidentally pours a cup of boiling water down their chest into their nappy, the nappy will do exactly that: absorb and hold the boiling water. So you need to get that nappy off ASAP,” she warned.

The expert explained that if it is stuck then you should leave it, fill it with cool running water and this will make it possible to remove the nappy.

“Don’t worry about carefully taking it off; rip it if you have to. Your priority right now is cooling the burn, waiting for the ambulance, comforting your child, and removing items that aren’t stuck, with nappies being one of the first things I want you to reach for to remove that hot water from the genital area.”

The paramedic added: “Burn first aid is so so important.”

Nikki’s advice has been praised by parents who said they never would have known this if it wasn’t for her helpful and informative videos.

One parent wrote, “Never thought about this! Thank you once again for your knowledge.”

One frontline worker said: “We have seen a few burns to the groin in kiddies in our time in ED and they were all made so much more severe from those nappies.”