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Early years

01st Aug 2023

Parents divided over how often you should change a child’s pyjamas

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Many parents have different views on how to raise a child, from bedtime routines to snack time treats.

But one thing they are seriously debating now is pyjamas – and more specifically, how often they need to be changed.

Parents have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts on how often you should be changing your children’s pyjamas, and of course, a huge debate has kicked off.

One parent asked: “I’ve a toddler and an 8-year-old and my wife insists they wear clean pyjamas every night, whereas I think it should be less frequent.

“How long do your children wear their pyjamas? This doesn’t include summer months!”

Causing quite the stir, parents were adamant that their way was the right way.

One said: “I have a seven-year-old and three-year-old. They each have two sets of pyjamas and wear them on alternate nights, each gets washed once a week.”

Another said: “Fresh jammies every night because a nightly bath is part of our routine.”

While a third wrote: “Simple. Eat dinner, Bath/Shower, Into PJs, Bedtime story, Bed. Generally Pjs are washed every third day and sheets on Fridays.”

For the most part, the majority of parents seemed to have a much more relaxed take on their child’s bedtime routine, not thinking about it all too much.

One said: “My son is five – as long as he doesn’t spill all his breakfast down then he’s good in one set for four days.”

While another added: “My eight-year-old mainly sleeps just in his boxers so can get four to five nights from his pjs as he’s not as messy with breakfast and doesn’t actually sleep in them so there more for chilling in.”

Other parents relied on the classic “sniff test” for their routine, claiming once they are clean they can last up to a week without needing to be washed.