Teething terrors? The healthy baby popsicles that are perfect for teething tots 2 years ago

Teething terrors? The healthy baby popsicles that are perfect for teething tots

Until you have hung on to your sanity through the phase that is known as teething baby, you really have not lived, in our opinion.

And if you are currently in the middle of these hellish weeks (months, sorry!), we bet you are currently on the hunt for something – anything – than can soothe your baby's poor lil' gums (so that you, and the rest of the neighbourhood) can get finally get some sleep.

Fear not, we got you, mamas (and dads!). Put down the Bonjela and follow us into the kitchen.

These baby food popsicle recipes will not only keep everyone happy because they are so delicious, they will also provide a quick (and healthy) cooling down remedy for those little sore gums causing all this trouble.

1. Avocado and Pear Pops

The creaminess of the pureed avocado blended with the sweetness of peeled pears makes these pops perfect for your little tot.


(Recipe and instructions via TheSpunkyCoconut.com)



2. Watermelon Pops

We can't think of a single baby or child who wouldn't love these sweet and full-of-flavour watermelon popsicles.


(Recipe and instructions via Paperwhitesblog.blogspot.com)


3. Strawberry Peach Coconut Popsicles

These pretty much just taste like summer. And who doesn't love summer?!

(Recipe and instructions via MarlaMeridith.com)



4. Strawberry and Oats Yogurt Pops

Want a fun breakfast? These frosty treats have everything little ones need to start their day — all in popsicle form! By throwing some oats into a smoothie, it adds some needed fibre to the meal. Y-UM.


(Recipe and instructions via Stirandscribble.com)


5. Creamed Corn Popsicles

Sweet corn is often a favourite of little ones, and in these clever and yummy pops, the kernels have been combined with creamy coconut milk for a sweet and tasty frozen treat.


(Recipe and instructions via MarlaMeredith.com)

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