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Family fun

02nd Apr 2021

A make you own lava lamp tutorial for some alternative fun this Easter weekend

Melissa Carton

Something different to do this weekend.

During the week I wrote about creating a social distance egg hunt in your neighbourhood but not every child wants to do something Easter bunny related.

This is especially true of children who are a little bit older and have outgrown our friend the Easter bunny.

If you have kids at home who love science and crafts then this tutorial by the Science Foundation Ireland will be right up their street.

Growing up in the 1990s I of course had a lava lamp (or two, or three) so out of all of the experiments through the Science Foundation Ireland , this one stuck out to me the most.

I know my son will totally be up for making this with me over the weekend as we’ve done similar experiments in the past (yes including the Mentos and Pepsi one).

Everything you’ll need for this experiment you probably already have at home or will be able to pick up at your local corner shop.

So to get designing and making your own lava lamp these are the supplies that you will require:

• Plastic bottle
• Vegetable oil
• Water
• Food colouring
• Alka Seltzer tablet

1. Fill the flask most of the way with vegetable oil.
2. Fill the rest of the flask with water. The water will sink to the bottom under the oil.
3. Add a few drops of food colouring; your choice of colour. The food colouring is water-based, so it will also sink and colour the water that is now at the bottom of the flask.
4. Break an alka-seltzer tablet into a few small pieces, and drop them in the flask one at a time.
5. Watch your lava lamp erupt into activity! As the reaction slows down, simply add more alka-seltzer.

The great thing about this experiment is it’s not just an Easter activity, it’s something you can do at any time and it’s something kids of all ages will get a kick out of.