Meet Pookie, Dublin Zoo's sustainability ambassador on a very special mission 1 month ago

Meet Pookie, Dublin Zoo's sustainability ambassador on a very special mission

Brought to you by SSE Airtricity

From sorting our rubbish properly to setting up a bug hotel, there's a lot your little ones can learn from Pookie.

We all know the importance of teaching children about being green, but it can be hard to know where to start. Sustainability is a big topic to tackle, but thankfully Dublin Zoo and SSE Airtricity are on hand to make this subject a little easier through Pookie, the Zoo's ambassador on all things green.

Who's Pookie?

Pookie is a mythical creature, and together with SSE Airtricity, Pookie is on a mission to teach children all about sustainability. Pookie was born in the Irish woodland, but right now Pookie lives in Dublin Zoo, guiding younger visitors on the Eco Explorers Trail.

What can kids learn from Pookie?

Pookie makes it super easy to understand sustainability. Sustainability means, as Pookie explains, being clever with all the bits and bobs that we use every day now, so that we don't use everything up for the people that come after us.


Throughout the Eco Explorer's Trail at Dublin Zoo, Pookie shares some brilliant sustainability tips. From sorting out your rubbish properly, to composting food waste, to how to build a bug hotel in your back garden, your little ones will learn so much on this adventure.

How can I keep up to date with Pookie? 

Your little ones can join Pookie on this sustainability mission at Dublin Zoo by checking out the Eco Explorers Club on YouTube Kids. There, they can help answer Pookie's sustainability questions, join Pookie on the Eco Explorers Trail and pick up some smart ways to be more green along the way.

Ready to learn with Pookie? Check out the full YouTube Kids channel right here.

Brought to you by SSE Airtricity

As proud sustainability partner to Dublin Zoo, SSE Airtricity created educational videos hosted on a dedicated Youtube Kids channel. Pookie follows the Eco Explorers trail at Dublin Zoo asking kids sustainability focused questions. Join Pookie here: Eco Explorers Club - YouTube. SSE Airtricity customers can also avail of 20% discount for trips to Dublin Zoo all year round on SSE Reward.