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Children's health

29th Nov 2021

Expert reveals the best way to tell children the truth about Santa

When did you tell your kid the truth about Santa?

Telling your child the truth about Santa isn’t easy, but psychologist Rebecca Lockwood revealed a way to soften the blow.

Most children find out the truth between the ages of 7 and 10.

Just because Santa doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to the magic of Christmas.

She shared: “When it comes to sharing with your children that something they have believed in for so long isn’t real we really have to think about the way we approach this and at what time we do it.

She explained that most parents know when the time is right to tell their kids the truth.”But sometimes it can be a bit of a grey area.”

The best thing you can do is to simply trust your gut. Nobody knows your child better than you do.

“All children develop differently and think differently and so it can come at different times for each child,” Lockwood explained.

Don’t forget, you can still hold onto the spirit of Christmas, just in a different way.

“The idea of Santa and the magic of Christmas doesn’t have to be taken away with the knowledge that Santa isn’t a physical being.

“The real meaning of Christmas is about love, family, friendships, being together. It’s about lighting up others through gifting and showing people how much we care about them.”

Explaining to your child that it’s “their responsibility to keep this magic alive will help to soften the idea” that Santa isn’t real.

“The idea of it is real for everyone,” she added.

It may be a daunting conversation because none of us want our kids to grow up, but it is one we all have to face at one stage.

Rebecca Lockwood’s advice is bound to keep that Christmas magic alive.