As adults, we often look at attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, as a problem to be fixed or managed.

Categorised as a neurobiological condition in which the brain’s neurotransmitter chemicals, noradrenalin and dopamine do not work properly, it's genetic, long-term and affects learning and behaviour right through the school years and in many cases beyond into adulthood.

While symptoms can include impulsiveness, distractibility and poorly self-monitored behaviour, there is no blood or other biological test to determine its presence. Diagnosing ADHD, and any coexisting difficulties, is like putting together a complicated puzzle.

But what's it like to be on the other side?

This eye-opening animated video by Swedish filmmaker Erik Rosenlund illustrates exactly how it feels to be a little person dealing with ADHD on a daily basis.



While heartbreaking to watch, the video, entitled 'Falling Letters', gives an important insight into the condition that could help grown-ups truly understand to role that love and patience play in making things a little easier.

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