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01st Nov 2021

Health: Over half of men don’t talk to their partners about problems conceiving

“I’d rather deal with it on my own.”

Around 27 per cent of men suffer from erection problems at some point in their lives.

That’s over one in four men

According to a recent study though, less than half of men (46 per cent) who suffer from erection problems have spoken with their partner about the issue.

When it comes to discussing problems with their sexual health, many men feel that they can’t due to stigma.

Having conducted a survey with over 5,000 participants who took part in the study, only a small percentage said that they would feel comfortable speaking about their sexual health with their partner.

Speaking on the issue Sarah Louise Ryan, dating and relationships expert and Time To Raise It spokesperson said we need to break the stigmatisation around men’s health;

“Only through talking can we remove the shame around something that is so common.

With 28 per cent of people reporting feeling pressure about having the perfect relationship, it’s time we start talking about real problems such as erection problems.”

While there are preventative measures you can take to curb problems with erections, like eating a healthy diet and making sure to exercise regularly, sometimes medical attention may be needed if you find the problem persists.

When asked why they don’t speak to their partners about the issue one of the most common responses were ‘I’d rather deal with it on my own’ and ‘This isn’t something that people tend to speak about’.

Sarah Louise Ryan also feels that pressure on men to always be ‘up for it’ can make the matter worse and cause phycological problems;

“The myth that men are always ‘raring to go’ is extremely problematic, particularly when viewed in the lens of erection problems.

This viewpoint creates the perception that to not be able to get an erection means you are less of a man, which ultimately is causing men to remain silent on the issue.

This is exactly the type of rhetoric that the Time to Raise It Movement is looking to challenge – so men and their partners feel as though they can open up about the issue and seek help.”

The Time To Raise It (TTRI), the campaign dedicated to open and honest discussion about erection problems (EPs) – removing the stigma about an issue that’s a lot more common than people might think.

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