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Children's health

06th Sep 2023

HerFamily readers reveal the best suncream for children

Kat O'Connor

HerFamily readers swear by these suncreams for children.

The sun has returned and has blessed us with a second summer. Everyone is in a better mood and the kids can finally make the most of the back garden and paddling pool.

As wonderful as the weather is, we have to remember to be sun-safe during the mini heatwave.

HerFamily readers have revealed the best suncreams to use during the heatwave and they’re super affordable.

One of the most popular suggestions was The Soltan Spray from Boots.

One mum shared, “The soltan spray doesn’t stain kids’ clothes! I bought them the Aldi one and my son has a yellow ring around his white school tees.”

Another mum suggested the Childs Farm suncream which has SPF 50 and is super affordable. Childs Farm is great for babies and children with sensitive skin.

She shared, “I used Child Farm on my baby last year. I found it great especially for sensitive skin.”

Another said La Roche Posay is super reliable.

“My son hates sunscreen but he actually allows me to put that on him. I think it’s because once it dries in it’s not sticky. I smothered my son in it and it had the slightest discoloration which washed out on a 20-degree wash.

Another recommended more natural options from health food shops.

“Something without the harmful chemicals that the regular ones contain. Health food shops have good ones that do the exact same job but are not pumped full of harmful chemicals.”

“Aldi has 5* UVA rating, even Ambre Solaire and other common sunscreens which are more expensive still only a 3-4 star UVA rating,” another mum said.

What is the best sun cream you have used for your children?