Irish health food company launches free wellness hub to get us moving in October 2 years ago

Irish health food company launches free wellness hub to get us moving in October

October is the month where most of us mentally checks out of summer mode, and get outselves ready for the autumn and winter ahead.

With the dark afternoons and gloomy weather, it can be all too easy to just stay snuggled down on the sofa every evenings, and to many of us, the good habits of movement and healthy eating we developed over summer now start to slip.

But if you want to feel good and happy and motivated to stay healthy and strong during these winter months, we are loving the new health initiaive from Irish health food company Linwoods, who have just launched a brand new free wellness hub for advice and information on fitness,  nutrition and motivation.

The hub is designed to encourage people of all ages to get ‘moving’ during October ,with the aim of increasing fitness levels, improving nutrition and enhancing overall wellbeing.

All you have to do to gain access, is sign to the their Facebook group.

To launch their new wellness project, Linwoods have teamed up with specialists from the health and fitness industry to provide their healthiest initiative to date.

During the 4 week initiative participants will be able to avail of tailored online bootcamp classes, suited to all abilities, from award winning personal trainer Bubba’s Project Gym in the comfort of their own homes.

Sounds good? We know!

The bootcamps will also be supported with nutritional advice and support from nutritionist Jenna Hope, who is a regular expert contributor to This Morning and Sky News and an advocate for nutrition education in schools across the UK.

Jenna will be providing nutritional guidance on how to support your immune system during the colder months. Because, let's face it – a strong immune system is not a bad thing to have when you are living though a global pandemic.

Participants in the wellness project can also enjoy fun recipe videos from Daniel Davey, performance nutritionist for Leinster Rugby and Dublin Senior Football and co-founder of @foodflicker. Daniel will be showing how to get more vitamins and minerals into your diet through delicious and easy to prepare food.

"We are delighted to be running this initiative in partnership with specialists from the health and fitness industry, explains Patrick Woods, Director of Linwoods Health Foods.

"At Linwoods we are focused on producing the highest quality health foods to support and enhance a balanced lifestyle and a healthy diet. Coming into the winter months we are all aware how vitally important it is to stay fit and healthy and to support our immune systems. That is why we wanted to provide our loyal customers with a little help and support with both fitness and nutrition with a fun and engaging initiative that will get everyone in the household up and moving, helping them to stay fighting fit during the colder months.”

The Linwoods Health Movement will run from Monday, 5th to Saturday, 31st of October and you can sign up today via this link: