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29th Apr 2017

This man’s four-word response to his girlfriend’s anxiety is SO lovely

Cathy Donohue

Anxiety is something that can take hold of anyone, at any time.

It can be extremely troubling and difficult to manage and sometimes in that situation, you need a little reassurance from those closest to you.

Case in point, Callie Theodore who has shared a Facebook post straight from the heart, describing her experience with anxiety in an effort to help others in the same situation.

Callie speaks of how people suffering from anxiety can push those closest to them away, simply because they’re afraid they might leave.

Her honest and open post will speak directly to anyone who has ever battled anxiety, something that can overtake you with you even realising it.

Callie speaks of how it’s important to find someone who won’t tell you that you’re overreacting and will be there for the little things.

She tells of how she needs reassurance to help her deal with anxiety and when asking her boyfriend, Chris Briggs, if they were okay, his four-word response “very much so honey” meant everything to her.

Read her message (which has gone massively viral) below, it just might help you or enable you to help someone close to you.

Image via Facebook: Callie Theodore