Do you feel like you're never fully well before you pick up another cold, cough or 'Flu? If so you're not alone. The average mother will fall ill 324 times over their youngster’s childhood.

In fact, the endless cycle of sore throats, runny noses, migraines and bugs means mum can expect to be left feeling under the weather  themselves 18 times a year

As anyone who shares a home or a classroom with children knows, their personal hygiene can leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps that's why 68 per cent of mums said they had been more prone to falling ill since having children, with 39 per cent saying they now constantly feel under the weather in some way.

A study of 2,000 parents carried out by Healthspan, found that over the 18 years of their youngster’s childhood, mums will suffer from 54 colds, as well as a total of 108 sore throats or runny noses. There will also be 36 sickness bugs – two every year – and an annual bout of flu.

On top of that, they can also expect to endure one bout of headlice a year after the critters come home from school on their children’s hair.


The average mum has just 13 days a month where they feel completely fit and healthy, but 84 per cent of mums feel they are unable to relax and recover when they are ill. Interestingly, just seven in ten dads said the same.

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