These 'Smart Tampons' Could Eradicate a Common Worry During That Time of The Month 5 years ago

These 'Smart Tampons' Could Eradicate a Common Worry During That Time of The Month

Having your period is annoying enough without having the added worry that your tampon is going to leak and you could end up with a stain on your trousers.

But a new invention could eradicate that fear. It is a 'smart tampon' and its job is to alert the wearer when it is almost full (and therefore needs replacing).

The way it works is the user clips a Bluetooth sensor to the end of her tampon which feeds data back to an app. Through the app, the user can customise their settings so that they get an alert when the tampon is reaching full capacity.

Founder Amanda Brief explained: “Our aim is to empower women through insight and obliterate the period anxiety that plagues 50% of the world.

“The topic of menstruation, or as it's known in many cultures, 'the curse,' has always been treated as taboo. Virtually every woman can relate to stories of having whispered conversations in the bathroom, slipping their tampon discretely up their sleeve before running to the bathroom, staining their clothing on a monthly basis, and being too embarrassed to ask for a tampon.”



She added: “We at my.Flow are set on making the monthly cycle the next tracked biological phenomenon, following in the footsteps of the hundreds of smart devices that track sleep, diet, exercise, and every other bodily function you can think of. We are developing a tampon monitor that notifies you when your tampon is full and should thus be changed.

"When the monitor senses full saturation, a notification will be sent to your phone via our Bluetooth-enabled belt clip, so that you never have to risk an accident or, even worse, infection, again. With this device, we also want to empower anyone experiencing a period with knowledge and confidence about their bodies, from the minute-ly to the monthly level, with the intention of changing the nature of the topic of the period.”

The tampons are expected to arrive sometime in 2017. Check out the video below for more information about the product.