Too warm at night? Sleeping naked could actually disrupt your shut-eye 2 years ago

Too warm at night? Sleeping naked could actually disrupt your shut-eye

Has anyone anywhere on the island of Ireland worn pyjamas to bed in the past two weeks?

We'll usually insist on being our jammies if we're at home but it's just been too hot for that carry on over the last while.

Besides, it's kind of fun to sleep au naturel.

There's something about going to bed in the nip that'd make you feel like you're on holiday – but we've just learned that this could actually interfere with you getting your eight hours.

A sleep expert has explained that while you might be trying to cool off, this could actually have the opposite effect.

"Sleeping naked in top of the covers means that if we sweat then the moisture this creates could heat up and make us hotter," James Wilson told Pretty52.

Going nude could also have a psychological effect that may impact your sleep, he added.


Humans need to feel safe and comfortable to nod off and to stay asleep - and if you're not used to being unclothed, you might subconsciously feel on edge.

"I think the bigger issue with sleeping naked is that if you don't do it normally it can leave you feeling physically insecure and less likely to get to sleep and stay asleep," said James.

So how can you create the optimum conditions for decent shut-eye when it's absolutely boiling?

You could try our reverse hot water bottle trick; fill a bottle with water, freeze it and then bring it to bed wrapped in a tea towel.

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