Wellness: 5 little things to do on a Friday to make the most out of your weekend 2 years ago

Wellness: 5 little things to do on a Friday to make the most out of your weekend

Friday has rolled around again, and another week of lockdown/WFH/homeschooling has come to an end.

But while we all love to make plans for the leisurely two days ahead, these days, having our homes also now function as our workplaces, many of us struggle to properly wind down once we leave the 'office' for the weekend.

Sounds familiar?

Here are five easy ways to help you transition more easily into that weekend 'relax' mode:

1. Remember to leave work at work: Yes, our homes are also our offices these days. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to leave it behind when the time comes to leave work for the day, and certainly for the weekend. In fact, it is more important than ever now that you manage to set boundaries for yourself and decide where your workday ends, and your home time begins.

This can be easier said than done, especially in this age of technology, where we have constant access to our e-mail, and where stress and work worries are allowed home with us for the weekend. But remember, you are doing nobody any favours by not switching off, and should aim to make your hometime a place of total zen. Before you close your laptop or log off from your e-mails for the weekend, make a conscious decision to leave your stress there, rather than carry it into the weekend and your hometime with you.


2. Create a relaxing atmosphere: Do a little tidy (even if it means just shoving mess out of sight). Dim the lights, light a candle and turn on some music that will relax you. It often is the little things that make you lower your shoulders and truly relax. Oh, and if you don't feel like cooking, make Friday your take-out night. You deserve it.

3. Sip soothing teas: Instead of immediately cracking open that bottle of wine in your fridge, why not try and sip a warm drink, like herbal tea, as these are known for their relaxing effect on your body – and mind. Chamomile and peppermint tea are both good choices.

4. Visualize relaxing and letting go of stress: Help your body relax by focusing on yourself and your breathing. Lie down on your back and mentally scan from the top of your head down to your toes. Visualise each part of your body, stopping anywhere you are holding stress and discomfort and breathe deeply into that area. When that part relaxes, move on.

5. Shut off devices and be present: As early as you can, turn off your phone, iPad, even the TV if you can bear it. Your social media profiles can do without you, and will still be there in the morning – after you have allowed yourself to start your day in a relaxing way, of course.

Now, who is ready for the weekend?