The Mothership: Why is women's health not a priority in Ireland? 1 year ago

The Mothership: Why is women's health not a priority in Ireland?

How much longer will we see women's health deprioritised in Ireland?

Welcome back to The Mothership. On this episode, we’re talking about the undeniable gender imbalance that exists in many areas of Irish healthcare.

Irish people are currently fighting for change in areas like maternity restrictions and the ongoing issue around abortion access but, as we'll discuss, there’s a long history of inequality in female healthcare in this country.

Joining us is Alana Ryan from the National Women’s Council of Ireland, Krysia Lynch representing AIMS (The Association for Improvements in Maternity Services) and Aoife ni Sheaghdha from Hyperemesis Ireland.

Women’s health in Ireland is, in many ways, in crisis at the moment. Just some of the topics covered are:

 - Why is the medication recommended for the debilitating pregnancy condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum not subsidised?

 - Covid restrictions are all but gone, but the remaining, strict maternity rules mean women and pregnant people are still receiving devastating news and caring for their newborns alone.

 - We repealed the 8th amendment, but really only opened a very small window of opportunity for people to avail of vital abortion services, resulting in more women than ever travelling after a Fatal Fetal Anomaly diagnosis.


 - Cervical Check / Breast Check delays

 - The prohibitive cost of contraception

 - 9 years diagnosis average for Endometriosis

 - And more...

Why has it been proven time and time again that women’s health is not a priority in Ireland?

Aoife Ni Sheaghdha – Hyperemesis Ireland

How can you help?


Abortion Review of Legislation 2022

In 2022, we have a unique opportunity to tackle the obstacles that the current legislation creates for women and pregnant people in need of abortion services. A public consultation will form part of  the Abortion Review of Legislation. The public are invited to submit to the public consultation here.

Need some help? The Women's Council of Ireland have created a handy guide to instruct you through your submission here

Hyperemesis - adding your voice

Get involved with Hyperemesis Ireland's campaign by using the hashtag #HG2costly  online and considering some of the below:

Donate to AIMS

You can help AIMS Ireland assist women and their families providing support, both  emotionally and financially.


You can find out more about AIMS' work and donate here.

Krysia Lynch - AIMS Ireland

A huge thank you as always to our panel. We'd love to know what you think about what we discussed in the episode. Do let us know in the comments.

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