Planning a staycation when lockdown ends? ALFAPARF Milano Ireland release My Minis range 2 years ago

Planning a staycation when lockdown ends? ALFAPARF Milano Ireland release My Minis range

Our favourite hair care range just got travel sized.

I don't think I've been to a salon in the last few years that didn't stock ALFAPARF Milano Ireland.

The brand is incredibly popular with both hair stylists and customers alike as it's sulfate free and cleans and cleanses hair without damaging it.

Having naturally curly hair I always have to be careful and make sure the products I use on my hair are sulfate free and during lockdown I've been lucky enough to be able to order my favourite ALFAPARF Semi Di Lino from my local salon.

With hotels and holiday locations slowly but surely beginning to open again across the country we're all going to be reaching for our luggage and travel-sized beauty products once again.

So it's not better time than ever for ALFAPARF Milano Ireland to introduce their new My Minis range.


ALFAPARF Milano Ireland’s Semi Di Lino bestsellers are now available in three specially curated three-piece product collections called My Minis, compact miniature versions of your favourite must-have hair products in stylish pouches.

You can choose from My Minis Moisture for dry hair, My Minis Diamond for normal hair or My Minis Reconstruction for damaged hair.

The My Minis Moisture and Reconstruction sets include a shampoo, mask and serum, while the My Minis Diamond contains a shampoo, conditioner and serum.

As well as being travel pack these sets will also be great once swimming pools and gyms reopen as they're small enough to throw in your handbag.

They would also make for a great birthday gift or a treat for bridal party members or a new mum gift.

The My Minis by ALFAPARF Milano Ireland are available online (including salons, etc.) and retail at €19.95.