6 Tasty Snacks For Busy Teens On-The-Go 4 years ago

6 Tasty Snacks For Busy Teens On-The-Go

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If you have a busy teenager at home, you'll know all too well how hard it is to keep up with their hectic daily activities. They need fuel to keep them going from school to football or hockey; they need tasty snacks, and they need something that won't ruin their appetites for the dinner they have been lovingly prepared! 

During adolescence, the body needs more nutrients to grow the way it should, so snacking is a great way to meet their nutrient needs and keep them going. They need high energy foods without being high in fat. As with anything, moderation is key, by your teen eating regular meals and snacking healthily in between, they are less likely to overeat or gain weight.

Here are 6 super snacks to keep them (and you) going:

1. Hummus and crackers

Hummus, made from chickpeas (whizz up your own with some garlic, lemon juice and a spoon of tahini), is a brilliant snack for growing tweens and teens as it's packed full of nutrients for bone health – iron, phosphate, calciummagnesium, manganese, zinc and vitamin K. These little wonder beans are also full of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and Choline, which is a very important and versatile nutrient that helps with sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory. Boom, so many vitamins and minerals. Hummus goes brilliantly with TUC Paprika crackers for the perfect snack.

Original Hummus

2. Peanut or nut butter and fruit or veg

Nuts are packed full of protein so will keep hunger pangs at bay, they're also packed with fiber and essential fats. They are high in fat, but it's of the heart-healthy variety. A golf ball-size ball of unsalted nuts on their own makes a great vitality-boosting snack too. Or pair some peanut butter (try to choose a brand with no added salt or sugar) with raw veggies like carrots and celery, or smooth it on TUC crackers (the original variety work best, the salty flavour brings out the nutty flavour) and they're certain to stay full until dinnertime.


Peanut cream in a jar. Dietary foods for the heart.

3. Boiled eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, full of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, high in protein for muscle mass, there's also heaps of Vitamin A and D in them, oh, and they're always super filling too. Boil up some eggs and pop them in a plastic tub for your teens to eat on-the-go, or eat them on a TUC Bacon cracker, topped with mayonnaise.

Sliced hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper

4. Guacamole

When it comes to snacks that pack a seriously nutritious punch, it doesn't get better than avocado. Mash one or two with some diced tomato, a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and a pinch of chilli flakes. Season and pile the guacamole onto a cracker... or use tortilla chips to dunk.

ingredients for homemade guacamole: avocado, lemon, salt and pepper

5. Sweet 'n' salty


They say opposites attract and you'll agree when you taste this delicious concoction: top a salty TUC cracker with Nutella and top with sliced banana. This is the ultimate study group snack.

The moments we remember forever

6. Five-minute cheat's dip

various salsa dips in white square bowls

Use cream cheese as your base, then add savoury flavourings. It's so easy: a sprinkling of paprika for a smoky flavour; tomato ketchup or tomato paste topped with cheese for a pizza-inspired flavour. Dip a TUC cracker in (the Sour Cream & Onion flavour works with all of these) and voilà, a ready-made snack in minutes. This is a brilliant option for a gang of teens after school.

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