Seven party ideas that your children will go absolutely crazy for 4 years ago

Seven party ideas that your children will go absolutely crazy for

There is nothing like the dread I feel when my kid asks for a birthday party.

Kids are tough customers and I've heard enough complaints, from the cake icing not tasting nice to tantrums about the wrong balloon colour, to last me a lifetime.

This year, I decided to leave it up to the professionals and book my kid and his friends a party package.


Science-based parties from organisations like Junior Einstein science club offer parties nationwide and they are fantastic for any budding biologists or future physicists.

I absolutely loved science kits as a kid so it wasn't too surprising when I studied chemistry in college. I don't know if my son will go down the same road, but like any self-respecting kid, he loves anything that explodes and one of these parties would be right up his alley.

It's €195 for up to 20 children to don lab coats, take part in several experiments and even make their own slime.



Pamper parties are becoming really popular, not just for birthdays but also for communions and confirmations.

There are a lot of different companies and salons offering these parties across the country but I looked to Pamper Parties Dublin as an example of the packages on offer.

For €190, up to ten girls can receive two treatments while wearing pink fluffy robes and tucking into a tasty chocolate fountain, all included in the package. They can take the party from pampering to Top of the Pops with karaoke and disco lighting.

I'll have to check if the same package is available for mums...

Build A Bear

I went to Build A Bear for my son's most recent birthday and I could have stayed there all day.

They have everything from Pokémon, Transformers, My Little Pony, Shopkins, and for every character, there are hundreds of options for how to dress them. I couldn't get over the variety and found myself very drawn to a pair of tiny roller skates which I had to give back because my son didn't think they went with Black Panter's outfit.

The kids all got to stuff their bears and put a little heart inside them all. One of the girls also managed to stick a sound box inside her bear, which we didn't realise until we left and her Iron Man started singing My Little Pony.


They have loads of packages with the most basic starting at €16 per child for a teddy and t-shirt. However, you can also custom design a package to fit your budget.


When I was a kid, I felt like every birthday I went to was at an adventure centre but now there are so many more options for active birthday parties.

For summer birthdays, outdoor fun like Bubble Football is ideal. Personally, as a boy mama, I wouldn't mind having a bubble to stick him in for when he projectile launches himself off everything. Bubble Football seems like such good craic and is something totally different.

If the weather isn't up to much, we live in Ireland after all, an indoor option is Jumpzone.


For older kids and teens, there are escape rooms or centres like the Boda Borg. I've been to both and the kids always figure out the clues before the adults do.

Saying that they're still tricky and not as easy as you think they might be. I've been to the Boda Borg twice and only ever managed to solve a couple of the puzzle rooms.


If you really want to get them in the mindset, throw on a few episodes of Crystal Maze beforehand and maybe invest in a few neon coloured shell suits.



Let's face it, everyone loves Lego. It is the best toy ever invented, so what could be better than a Lego birthday bash?

Brickx Club workshop run fantastic Lego-based birthday parties in their centres, located nationwide.

You can choose any theme you want whether it be superheroes, Star Wars, pirates, you name it.

Each party lasts an hour and a half so lots of time for brick building fun.


An oldie but a goodie, the sleepover has been the birthday go to for many the parent over the decades.

As a teenager, there was nothing I loved more than heading to my mate's house for a sleepover. Sweets, chats and singing into our hairbrushes, what could be better?

Sleepovers are pretty straightforward. They can be really simple with sleeping bags, popcorn and movies but if you want to, you can make them more elaborate.

Cute teepees, fairy lights and themed décor can turn any slumber party into a sleepover spectacular and without putting yourself under a lot of pressure, give your child a party to remember.

Hit up Pinterest for lots of inspiration.