Back to school: 7 money saving tips that will make ALL the difference 3 years ago

Back to school: 7 money saving tips that will make ALL the difference

Worried about back to school season yet?

It can be pretty challenging for parents for a lot of reasons - one of the predominant ones being money.

Suddenly, you're being expected to fork out for new shoes, new jumpers, new pencils, and 75 new schoolbooks because your son's third class teacher 'doesn't like secondhand.'

Still though, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom when it comes to buying all the bits because, thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks we've picked up along the way to make going back to school that bit less awful.

This is them.

1. Buy generic uniforms 

We're talking Tesco, we're talking Dunnes, we're talking anywhere that sells generic uniform bits like grey skirts, grey trousers, and jumpers that you can get a school crest added onto.

Not all schools will accept generic wear but more and more are every year, so it's worth checking out whether your child's does before forking out.

2. Or get yourself some secondhand uniforms 


If your child's school doesn't allow generic uniforms though, don't worry too much because chances are you'll be able to source a secondhand one without too much hassle.

Ask friends and family who also live in the area if they have any lying around, or check on websites like or to see what you can find.

3. ... And secondhand books too 

You won't even have to go searching forever online for these (though you'll find them there too), because secondhand shops for schoolbooks do exist.

As long as they're in good nick, why would you ever need to buy new?

4. Invest in a good school bag 

The school bag is one back to school item you wouldn't want to be scrimping on.


Judging by the sheer amount of books children have to bring to school every day (it's a lot), they're going to need a good bag to see them through the year.

Buy a cheap enough one and you're more than likely going to have to replace it at some stage.

A good Jansport will never let you down.

5. ... And good shoes

See above.

6. Give them packed lunches every day 

Packed punches might be a bit of a time consumer, but they are definitely worth it in the long run.

Not only do you know your child's getting all their nutrients, but you can also save a bit of money by packing them up yourself.

7. ... And make the lunches yourself 

Even more effort, we know, we know, but buying premade meals for every lunch is expensive.

It costs a whole lot less to buy some bits and whip up something nice that'll do for the entire week.

These lunches don't have to be boring either - why not include a simple pasta salad, or a nice club sandwich if you've got the time?