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11th Dec 2017

This 10-year-old boy got a bionic hand so he can play the drums this Christmas

His mum started a fundraiser.

Jade Hayden

bionic hand

Cameron Millar is a 10-year-old boy from Edinburgh.

Born without a right hand, Cameron always expressed a desire to play the drums.

He also loves Star Wars and wants a hand just like Luke Skywalker’s.

So, Cameron’s mum Margaret decided to try and raise the £10,000 needed before Christmas so her son could play his favourite instrument.

The family needed to acquire the funds by December 14 so the hand would be ready for Christmas morning, and already, thanks to donations from across the UK and beyond, they have achieved their goal.

Margaret took to Facebook to share that she and Cameron had “smashed their target” and to thank everybody for their generosity.

Their fundraiser was run alongside Radio Forth’s Cash For Kids appeal.

So far, Cameron and his mum have raised over £11,000 for his new bionic hand meaning that the 10-year-old will be able to play his drums on Christmas morning.

According to Margaret, the hand will make a “massive difference” to Cameron’s life.

Images via Cash For Kids.