Dog has 80cm of tinsel removed from intestine, remains a Good Boy 6 months ago

Dog has 80cm of tinsel removed from intestine, remains a Good Boy

Somebody got a bit too excited for Christmas.

And it was this boy.

But instead of simply eating his weight in cake and getting super drunk off spiked eggnog like the rest of us, he decided to go ahead and consume an entire 80cm of tinsel.

Had to be done, etc.

As per UK based veterinary hospital Vets Now, Benji the German Shepherd had to have the three feet of festive fun removed from his intestine this week ensuring that he would be right as rain for Christmas.

Here's an image of the X-ray tinsel in question.

And here's Benji all recovered, tinsel free, and still a Good Boy, through and through.

Excellent scenes.

"Benji had to have 80cm of tinsel removed from his stomach and intestines by our brilliant team in the Manchester hospital," said the vets on Twitter.

"Benji was rushed into our Manchester hospital after getting a little too excited about the festivities and swallowing something he shouldn't have."

God bless him, tbh.

This comes as a stunning selection of Good Boys from Dogs Trust were permitted to choose their own Christmas gift this year. 

Lining up donations from the public and their staff, the charity let their dogs run loose in the rehoming centre to choose the toy they want most.

Some dogs went for plush toys. Some dogs went for bottles. Some dogs went for squeaky lads but there was something that all of the dogs had in common.

They were happy.

"This year we combined toy donations from our staff & amazing supporters, lined them up and let the dogs in our Rehoming Centre pick their own Christmas present," they said on Twitter.

"We hope this makes you smile as much as we did recording the dogs have so much fun!"

It did, yeah. Cheers, lads.