Support your child through every milestone with 50% off this supplement range 1 year ago

Support your child through every milestone with 50% off this supplement range

Brought to you by GNC Ireland. 

Who doesn't love 50% off?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that there's a lot out there in the world that we can't control.

As parents, what we do know is that being there for our children is more important than ever and that means supporting them through every stage of their development.

Specially formulated and available exclusively at the health store in Ireland, GNC Milestones helps support brain development, healthy vision, and skin health in babies, children and young teens. The range has something for every child including vitamin D3 drops, DHA, multivitamins and so much more.

We're thrilled to pair up with GNC Ireland to offer our readers an exclusive 50% discount on all GNC Milestones products with our HerFamily discount code.

For babies we love GNC's premium scientifically developed Baby Microbiotic Drops as a an easy way to help our babies establish an optimal microbiome (in other words, healthy tummy) which is so important from an early age and this product is suitable from 4 months and you simply add to liquid or pop in their mouths!


Our favourite in the range is the Kids DHA.

But what exactly is DHA and why is it so important? DHA contributes to maintenance of normal brain and vision function and is sourced from wild caught fish, it's also gluten free, without GMO (so nothing is genetically modified) and it's alcohol free.

For teens, it's all about the multivitamin supplements to keep them strong, GNC Milestones teen multivitamin is a high quality vegetarian formula providing everyday nutrient support for cognitive function, energy and the immune system.

Don't forget, GNC Milestones is exclusive to the health store in Ireland, we hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas and enjoy 50% off with our 'herfamily' discount.