SuperValu's Christmas ad is honestly too much 2 years ago

SuperValu's Christmas ad is honestly too much

I was not ready for this.

Some may say the best part about the lead up to Christmas is the stunning ads that make an appearance on our screens, giving us all of the festive feels.

John Lewis started the trend way back in 2006 with their touching short films that have pulled at our heartstrings ever since. The man on the moon, of course, being a personal favourite among just about everyone.

This Christmas is different to any before. It will be like one we've never experienced, and SuperValu has managed to put all the feels from this year into one touching video for its Christmas campaign.

One thing's for sure, this year we'll really appreciate the small things that we've been taking for granted.


The video follows a boy named Conor as he prepares for Christmas in the current Covid-19 climate. The boy is seen playing with a Santa ornament on the tree and asking his parents: "Is he still coming this year?"

Conor goes about his day preparing for the arrival of the big man on Christmas Day, making sure his parents buy his favourite treats and that everything is perfect.

Spoilers ahead: SuperValu make you think throughout the whole video that the boy is waiting on Santa's arrival when the door bell rings and the door opens, it's the boy's grandfather who walks in.

Forget Santa! Queue the tears!

If 2020 taught us anything, it's to appreciate the time we have with the ones we hold dear.