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09th Nov 2023

Viewers praise John Lewis for including diverse family in Christmas advert

Kat O'Connor

The new John Lewis advert is here

John Lewis has released its Christmas 2023 advert and it hasn’t won everyone over.

The retailer’s Christmas ad is always the topic of conversation in the run-up to Christmas, but does this year’s advert live up to the hype?

This year’s ad follows a young boy named Alfie who buys a Christmas tree seed at the market.

However, after planting the seed, Alfie quickly realises that it is actually a Venus fly trap.

It may not be the perfect Christmas tree he hoped for, but the young boy learns to embrace new traditions.

His family decides to embrace the new tradition too and even enlists the plant in opening their presents on Christmas morning.

The plant grows and grows until his family decides to remove it and leave it out in the snowy garden.

His family then put a Christmas tree in its place, but realise that the new traditions are just as special.

The advert ends with the family standing in a snowy garden with the Venus fly trap helping open their Christmas gifts.

John Lewis said the aim of this year’s ad is to remind families that not every tradition is perfect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t special.

Opera singer Andrea Bocelli performs the song ‘Festa’ for the sweet advert.

Viewers reacted to the advert on social media with many praising John Lewis’s efforts.

One said: “As a family where Christmas has always been just me, my mum, and my child, thanks for representing our family.”

“First time your Christmas ad has made me laugh instead of cry!” another said.

A second added: “What a pathetic effort from John Lewis it’s bad really bad no connection to it at all.”

John Lewis said it was important to represent different families in this year. The advert includes a grandmother, mother and son and has been praised for being diverse.

“This ad shows a mum and a grandma. We always attempt to show a broad representation of British life.

“Single parent families make up nearly a quarter of families with dependent children in the UK and they aren’t often shown on TV.”

What do you think of this year’s advert?