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08th Nov 2023

What to consider before buying a buggy


When you’re expecting a baby one thing you need is a buggy.

Just add it to the list of questions like what’s the best type of nappy, are you going bottle feed and will your other half ever assemble the cot?

Buying a buggy is just another thing that piles up and comes with half a million questions.

We have decided to try and help even just a little but and together a list of questions you should ask before buying a pram.

Pram, pushchair or stroller?


So many names we all use but did you know there’s actually a difference between them?

A pram is designed to be used from birth and is generally made up of a carrycot, chassis and seat unit.

With some designs, you can add adapters and a car seat to have a whole travel setup.

Pushchairs are usually geared towards older babies and feature a seat unit and some may have a lie-flat feature making them suitable to use from birth.

Typically they can be used until approximately 4 years of age.

A stroller tends to feature a world-facing seat unit only with a lightweight compact frame.

Which buggy is best for newborns?


Newborns should lie flat in a pram to support their backs and facilitate optimal breathing.

This posture is deemed by experts to be healthier for their overall development compared to being angled or upright.

This implies that newborns often start with a chassis equipped with a carrycot.

These days many pushchairs will have an option to adjust the carry cot to make it suitable for all stages of your baby’s life.

Typically, an angled seat isn’t recommended until the baby is between three and six months old.

Features to consider


When buying a pushchair it’s key to consider where you’ll be using it as some cater more to urban settings while others rural.

Take into account the size of your car boot or if you plan on using public transport, the pushchair’s foldability during peak times is crucial.

If planning for more children or considering the needs of older siblings, some pushchairs allow for additional attachments or converting to a double buggy.

Other aspects to consider include manoeuvrability, durability, seat reversibility, storage convenience, brake operations, and overall dimensions.

What accessories do you need?


Take into consideration the weather conditions where you live when you think about buying accessories.

A rain cover is crucial, for sunny days a parasol can be beneficial and during colder months, consider a fleece lining or footmuff.