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11th Jun 2018

7 essential buggy accessories that will make your life easier

Pimp your ride.

Sharyn Hayden

When it comes to ‘gearing-up’ for having kids in your life, there is a lot of merchandise on offer.

You can choose on investing in certain items that you know might be a little over-the-top (nappy bins, anyone?!), but the one thing you know you have to have is a buggy.

And with that buggy comes a huge range of interesting accessories to make life easier for the parents.

Here are 7 of our absolute favourites:

1. Rain Cover

Most but not all travel systems come with rain covers so be sure to double-check on purchase. We simply can’t get away from the fact that we live in a very wet country, and our kiddos will love to be pushed about in their strollers despite the weather, so make sure you have a durable cover to hand.


Cost: €42.00 from

2. The Easy X Rider

This is super if you already have a toddler who needs to be incorporated into the new ‘travel arrangements’. It is a universal two-in-one (seating and standing) board for children that will attach to almost any baby carriage.


Cost: €135 (not including cup holder) from SwedeKidsAnd More

3. Cybex Priam Footmuff

We love to keep those babies and toddlers snug and what is more gorgeous than this foot muff? The Cybex attaches easily to the pushchair using velcro and buttons and the dirt-resistant plastic insert can be easily wiped clean.


Cost: €129.95 from

4. Pram Mitts

What a fantastic idea – you get to keep your hands warm at all times, but your gloves never have to leave the bar of the buggy or pram so you don’t risk losing them!


Cost: £21.00 from Amazon

5. The Hands-Free Buggy Umbrella

So you have the rain cover, foot muff, and industrial-strength buggy hood for your gorgeous baby in the (very likely in Ireland!) event that it rains, but what about you? Thankfully, there are hand-free buggy umbrellas that are designed to keep mum or dad dry too. Phew!


Cost: £28.85 from

6. Buggy Lock

Sometimes, you will have to leave your buggy outside a shop or cafe if it isn’t convenient (or allowed!) to bring it inside. Have peace of mind with this combination lock that will allow you to lock the buggy securely if it is out of sight!


Cost: £8.95 from

7. Universal Cup Holder

No mama worth her sleep-deprived salt can realistically live without a cup holder for the buggy. Whether you are loading up on caffeine or super-healthy smoothies, you need somewhere handy for your drinks while you’re out and about with the smallie.


Cost: €26.00 from Mamas and Papas

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