Men looking to concieve a child are being told to head to bed before this time 6 months ago

Men looking to concieve a child are being told to head to bed before this time

Could this help a man's fertility?

Scientists believe that heading to bed before this hour at night could seriously improve a man's chances of becoming a father.

A recent study has found that showed that men who went to bed early had nearly four times greater sperm quality compared to those who went to bed late.


Yes according to a team of scientists at Aarhus University in The Netherlands men that go to bed before 10.30pm have a better chance of successfully conceiving a child.

The study looked at 104 men with an average age of 34 over a two-year period.


The men involved in the study had their sleep patterns tracked and then compared against the results of a sperm sample analysis.

Experts in fertility believe that a lack of sleep can provoke the immune system into overreacting and attacking healthy sperm.

Figures from the study presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Vienna showed that even the difference between getting to sleep before 10.30 and between 10.30 and 11.30 had a dramatic difference.

In fact, getting to bed just that little bit earlier yielded a 2.75-times greater healthiness of sperm.

It is not 100 per cent clear why this is the case but those involved with the study believe that it could be due to sleep deprivation causing men to feel more stressed. The researchers also found that men who got at least seven hours of sleep were more likely to conceive.