These 5 Foods Could Increase Your Chances of Having Twins 4 years ago

These 5 Foods Could Increase Your Chances of Having Twins

There are a number of things that increase your chances of having twins such as family history, age and fertility treatments.

Lifestyle is also another factor, in particular your diet.

The following food products are believed to increase your chances of welcoming two pairs of tiny feet in one go.

Dairy products

In 2006 physician Gary Steinman found that those who eat animal products, particularly dairy, are five times more likely to have twins. In others words, if you want double the trouble, stock up on milk and cheese. Some studies believe these results stem from the use of insulin-like growth factor in cows.

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Yams are said to stimulate your ovaries thus increasing your chances of multiple births. According to a number of articles, an African tribe whose diet was rich in yams had a twin birth rate four times higher than the global average.

Fruit and vegetables


Women who consume a lot of vitamins are more likely to welcome two bundles of joy. (In other words, those who eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.) If yams aren’t your thing, this lot can also help: kiwis, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus and sprouts.

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Folic acid supplements

An Australian study found that some women are more likely to get pregnant with twins if they take folic acid before trying for a baby. While the results in this field are varied, folic acid is recommended for pregnant women to avoid certain birth defects.


Previous studies have concluded that vegans who do not consume meats – such as beef – are less likely to have twins. Those who are lacking nutrients and/or underweight people are also less likely to have twins so start eating!

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