Ice cream makers and popcorn makers are coming to Aldi next month 2 years ago

Ice cream makers and popcorn makers are coming to Aldi next month

Summer is saved, sort of.

Got a craving for homemade ice cream? Also got a craving for homemade popcorn? You are not alone, because apparently lots of people are feeling the exact same way.

Ice cream is good, popcorn is good, and from next month Aldi customers will able to purchase themselves makers for both as past of their new Specialbuys range for June. Ideal.

The ice cream maker allows you to make yourself some soft-serve ice cream from the comfort of your home. It includes a detachable quick-freeze bowl, and makes soft ice cream in 15 - 25 minutes. It also only costs €34.99, so not a bad shout at all as the summer months near.

The popcorn maker costs €16.99, and makes tasty popcorn fast enough. Using hot-air circulation with no need for oils or fats, the machine includes a measuring spoon so you can make the right amount of popcorn every time.

But if ice cream or popcorn isn't doing it for you (why wouldn't they be?) Aldi will also be launching a new ice cube machine for €89.99.


Making small or large ice cubes in around 7-10 minutes, the ice cube machine comes with a cleaning function, manual water supply, basket and scoop. Never smash that bag of hardened ice off the floor again, lads. 

Also coming to stores next month is the 3 in 1 kebab and grill, a reversible grill perfect for a wide range of foods including meat, seafood and vegetables. This product includes a non-stick and reversible flat and ribbed side grill plate, variable temperature control and a removable drip tray - it also costs less than €40. Ideal.

A hot dog toaster will also be landing in stores in June, for just €16.99. See? Told you summer was saved. Now we just need the weather to go with it.

Aldi's new Specialbuys will be available across stores from June 6 as long as stocks last.