SuperValu has kicked off its French Wine Sale so go, go, go! 1 year ago

SuperValu has kicked off its French Wine Sale so go, go, go!

Brought to you by SuperValu

Exciting news everyone!

SuperValu is having a delightful (and most welcome) French wine sale. Indeed, it's the perfect opportunity to stock up for the festive season (we can never plan early enough), before a Saturday night soirée or even a relaxing night in.

Until September 25 you can buy any six bottles of wine and save an additional €10! As part of the fun, SuperValu is introducing 12 exciting Special Guest Wines for the duration of the sale.

No matter what your budget is, there's something to accompany you while cosied up on the couch or devouring a gourmet platter. With this sale, and the advice given below, you'll be able to truly explore exceptional wines from different French regions and at prices ranging from €8 to €50!

Now, to help that inner connoisseur emerge from the ashes, we caught up with SuperValu's very own wine expert and buyer — Kevin O'Callaghan — to get a taste for some of the very best wines on offer. Novice or expert — these are so worth exploring. Below are just some of the superb wines Kevin recommends.

Chablis Andre Goichot, €15


Made with 100 percent Chardonnay grapes, this rich and elegant Chablis is full on the palate but boasts a crisp dry finish. Think ripe apple, lemon, lime and a whole bunch of character. Kevin says:

"There's no right or wrong answer — it's simple. Treat wine like the final ingredient to match your meal.
Having white fish with a citrus dressing? Boom! Add something with citrus flavours — go for Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or Picpoul (getting fancy there) which all have that citrus appeal."

Fleurie Andre Goichot, €10

From the small, family-owned Maison André Goichot, this Fleurie is made from the same Gamay grape as classic Beaujolais, however, Fleurie is a heavier more powerful red. (Divine!) You'll notice the same red berry fruits but with some added complexity of darker fruits, pepper and Christmas spices. It's easy to drink yet powerful. It's also great with red meats as well as cheeses (goats cheese in particular). Kevin says:

"Say you're having beef with a pepper sauce — well, think red, not because it's so natural to assume red, but because you do get more spice on reds, so this helps. Shiraz is famous for peppery spice and so it makes sense. Maybe it's why it does so well in Aus.

"Play with this and remember the attributes you find to each wine and you'll surprise yourself with what you'll learn."

Guy Saget Sancerre, €15


The mission of the Guy Saget brand is to demonstrate to the highest level Saget La Perrière's intention to unravel the extreme complexity associated with the Loire Valley vineyards. This 100 percent Sauvignon grape will seduce thanks to its authentic flavours. Kevin says:

"The best thing you can do is to ask our wine experts in your local SuperValu store: 'if I like this, what else might I like?' It could be that a Sauvignon Blanc lover will enjoy a Picpoul de Pinet and it will take you on a wine journey of intrigue and exploration.

"This will have you enjoying wine like a pro in no time with only your own memory needed and with no study."

Vacqueyras Remy Ferbas, €12

From a selection of the most characteristic soils of Vacqueyras sandstone and limestone, this wine brings a beautiful deep red colour, so intense and complex, with aromas of ripe red fruits, spices, leather and hints of roasted notes. Consider serving with the likes of roast lamb, game, casseroles and mature cheeses.

And for a little more advice from Kevin — he says:

"In truth, white wine lasts longer than red when opened. Store white wine in the fridge to have it last longer and if you know you won't get around to your opened red wine any time soon, refrigerate that also. Yes, I said red!!"

"It will keep it fresh — just let the red come back to room temperature again before drinking. Overall, wines start to deteriorate from 24 to 36 hours after opening, and the volume of wine missing also matters.

"If the bottle is three-quarters full then there's less air in the bottle compared to a bottle of wine only a quarter full. Air extractors for wine bottles are inexpensive and I think a great option also."

Well, fellow wine aficionados. Let's not waste any more time! The perfect, most mouthwatering wines await.

Brought to you by SuperValu