Clever pumpkin carving hacks everyone should know about 1 year ago

Clever pumpkin carving hacks everyone should know about

Are you getting the house decked out for Halloween?

In homes across Ireland right now, mums and dads are no doubt hanging up cobweb after cobweb, and finding themselves elbow-deep in pumpkin pulp as they are carving Jack-O-Lanterns to beat the band.

If this is you, we are sure you will feel grateful for these three simple, but oh-so-clever hacks for carving your pumpkin this year:

1. Use string lights instead of candles

According to Martha Stewart, instead of actual candles, you should wrap a strand of lights around a glass mason jar and secure wires with tape. Then, cut a hole in your hollowed-out pumpkin for the cord, and place the jar inside. The bright lights will actually show off your designs better than a traditional candle.

2. Use an ice cream scooper

Use an ice cream scooper instead of a regular spoon for scooping out pumpkin guts. No more bent spoon handles, hooray! (Tips via HGTV)


3. Place silica gel packs in them

You know those little silica gel packs that you find inside new shoe boxes (and handbags)? Putting them in the bottom of jack-o’-lanterns extends their life as the little packets trap moisture and help prevent mould. (via Stockpiling Mom)

Alternative idea: Paint them instead!

Can't face carving? Paint your pumpkins instead. If you're looking for some inspo, check out A Beautiful Mess' DIY.

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