Coronation Street's Samuel Robertson weighs in on Sarah and Adam's future 2 years ago

Coronation Street's Samuel Robertson weighs in on Sarah and Adam's future

Coronation Street's Samuel Robertson has weighed in on Sarah and Adam's future.

Adam Barlow and Sarah Platt are set to say 'I do' in a gorgeous ceremony this week, weeks after he propped the question.

And the actor has opened up about his hopes they'll actually stay together, rather than have their relationship end in disaster.

"Adam was orphaned as a child so his family mean the world to him, so for him to start building his own family enriches his life so much and means so much. This woman he loves, loves him back so life is good," the actor said, discussing how much Sarah means to Adam. "He’s head over heels in love with her, he’s crazy for her."

In a Corrie first, Sarah and Adam's wedding will see the Barlow family and the Platt family come together - something which Robertson says he is "buzzing" for.


"It’s great, I’m buzzing, I’ve had loads of scenes recently with Helen, Sue, Lucy and Tina who are four fantastic actresses. It’s a real pleasure to work with them so long may it continue," he said, although he admits that soap history doesn't really bode well for the two families.

"I’d love to to see them come together, soap history suggests that two big families coming together will end in disaster but I think there’s potential for some lovely scenes. There’s so much material to tap into there. I feel really humbled that I’m involved in scenes at No.1 and No.8, I’m floating between these two massive families, one that’s mostly patriarchal with Ken and Peter, then the other that’s very matriarchal with Gail and Audrey."

He added that he would "like to think" Sarah and Adam have the possibility to get their happily ever after.

"I think they have great chemistry together, yes there’s opportunity for conflict but I would like to see them living happily. I love working with Tina, I hope she enjoys working me as much as I enjoy working with her," he said.