Kids who wet the bed still? One mum has a 'game-changing' sheet hack you need to know about 7 months ago

Kids who wet the bed still? One mum has a 'game-changing' sheet hack you need to know about

Medically speaking, bed-wetting, also known as sleep enuresis and urinary incontinence, is most often seen as just a sign of an immature, developing bladder.

It is estimated that 15 percent of children over three still wet the bed occasionally, while as many as 10 percent over five sometimes do as well. In other words, it is normal, and, most often, nothing to worry about and something your child will eventually grow out of him(or her) self.

However, if you are finding yourself with sheets to clean every morning, you might be keen to learn about this mum's very clever – and simple – sheet hack.

Writing for mum Lana Hallowes dished about the clever trick which have genuinely made a difference to her life.

The best bit? it is beautifully simple to do!

All you have to do when you make the bed, is make it twice - as in, put double the amount of sheets and waterproof layers on.

Hallowes explains: "When making the bed (the first time), do it twice. I know, I know, this sounds crazy! But I’ve found doing this helps my little one to slip quickly back into snoozeville after a bed-wetting disruption."


Here is what she does:

"I put a waterproof mattress protector down first, then a set of sheets, another waterproof layer followed by another sheet set.

"Then, it’s just a case of removing the wet bedding when an accident happens. A ready-made bed is already waiting underneath the waterproof layer."

She added that she was taught this by a friend of hers who had children that wet the bed until the age of nine and it was a "game-changer" for them.