A really sweet tradition to start with your child in the run up to Valentine's Day 1 year ago

A really sweet tradition to start with your child in the run up to Valentine's Day

This is so lovely.

With Christmas and New Year's Day behind us, the next big holiday that we can look forward to is Valentine's Day.

Typically seen as a day of romantic love, February 14 has changed over the last few years with more people it using it to express love to their friends and family, and of course their children.

If you're looking for a really cute tradition to start with your child on the run-up to Valentine's Day, look no further as this super sweet post-it idea.

Shared by Sensory Friendly Ireland, it couldn't be easier to share the love with your child in a heartfelt way.

All you need is some heart-shaped post its (you can make some yourself with coloured paper and sticky tape if you can't find any in the shops) and a marker.

Then from now until February 14, write a special message to your child or children about why they mean so much to you.


It can be motivational messages, compliments about things you think that they do well or simply messages about how much you love them.

Then each day in the run-up to Valentine's Day, leave one of these special messages posted to their bedroom door for them to discover when they wake up in the morning.

The moment I spotted this idea, I loved it and I will try it with my kids this year.

Not only is it a positive way for them to start the day but it's also an opportunity for you to communicate all the things you think are great about them.

Your child can get involved too by writing special Valentine's messages to leave on for their brothers or sisters or even return the favour by leaving you some a note.