Tommy Hilfiger to launch ADAPTIVE collection for children with disabilities 1 month ago

Tommy Hilfiger to launch ADAPTIVE collection for children with disabilities

This is brilliant.

Tommy Hilfiger, today announced the launch of Adaptive, an innovative collection of clothing designed to make dressing easier for adults and children with disabilities, will launch in Europe in June.

The Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection features the same classic American cool with a twist designs as other TOMMY HILFIGER collections for men, women and kids.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive styles are designed to promote ease of movement with easy closures, seated-wear solutions and fits for prosthetics.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive is part of Tommy Hilfiger’s ongoing commitment to create fashion that wastes nothing and welcomes all, driving forward the company’s mission to be a brand that works for every TOMMY fan – always inclusive, completely accessible.

Speaking about the new range Tommy Hilfiger said;

“I learned through having children with special needs how big an impact Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive can have. “Every piece is the same quality, the same fabric and the same basic design we offer in our other collections. The adaptions are discreet, with truly functional modifications that make getting dressed easier and allow both children and adults with disabilities to have independence and feel great about themselves.”

More than one billion people globally live with a disability, making something as simple as getting dressed each day a challenge.

Inspired by their experiences and Mr. Tommy Hilfiger’s own history of having children with autism, a promise was made to rethink the design process and uncover solutions that democratize fashion, providing adults and children with greater freedom and confidence.

The initial collection will be available on for both kids and adults.