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15th Jun 2018

Rose gold makeup looks you should try if you’re heading out this weekend

Rebecca O'Keeffe

How stunning are these looks?

The glorious weekend has arrived, can I get a hallelujah?

And while many of you will probably spend the weekend in your pjs watching Netflix, some of you will be hitting the town.

One thing I always do when getting ready for a night out? Stick to what I know.

90 percent of the time I’m wearing jeans and a nice top, with GHD curls and a standard, simple makeup look.

Why mess with a good thing, right?

Well, I am here to inspire you all to shake things up a bit – starting with the makeup, naturally.

One beauty trend that I can’t get enough of is rose gold makeup.

rose gold makeup

It’s just one of those things that suits every skin tone, and you can work it into any look.

From the extreme to the subtle, a rose gold glow is perfect for these summer nights out.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at some of these beautiful looks.

First up we have an all-rose-gold tutorial by the stunning IratiMakeup.

I’d like to also point out that she’s only FIFTEEN and has 30,000 followers. Casual.

I am also OBSESSED with this subtle hint of rose gold glitter.

What about trying a deep rose gold smokey eye? Definitely a more harsh look, but so gorge.

I’d recommend keep the rest of your face simple though. You know yourself.

Okay so I appreciate that this may not be for everyone.

In terms of rose gold makeup, lip looks have been pretty popular.

They’re a bit out there, but very groovy.

So I’m not really into this look as a whole, but I’m loving the use of rose gold highlighter.

Nothing beats the use of a warm-toned shimmer.

Can we talk about this though?

Are you going to rock this look in the club? No.

However, the rose gold flake effect would make the perfect festival look.

And so, I include it!

There you have now, some fab inspiration!

Let me know if you opt for a bit of rose gold makeup this weekend, lovelies.


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