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13th Mar 2020

96 percent of women say their skin is firmer after using a brand new body cream

Cathy Donohue

Research shows that 96 percent of women experienced firmer skin after using Caudalie’s new body cream.

Yes, Vinosculpt Lift and Firm body cream sounds like somewhat of a wonder product with initial research producing some fantastic results.

When we think of skin aging, we tend to concentrate on the face but fun fact, it impacts other parts of your body too.

Between the ages of 28 and 54, skin firmness decreases by 27 percent and Vinosculpt is targeted at four key areas – arms, bust, stomach and boobs.

A clinical study conducted over 28 days involving 21 women had some interesting results.

  • 96 percent said their skin felt firmer.
  • 91 percent said their skin felt more toned.
  • 86 percent said their skin felt tightened.

It’s said to show results within the first month of using and to apply, you rub the cream in circular motions. The non-sticky, whipped texture allows it to soak in immediately so for ease of use, you can pop it on post-shower.

Now, onto my favourite part, the glorious smell which makes putting it on every day a true joy.

Delicate notes of orange blossom transport us to the heart of the Vinothérapie Spa in Bordeaux and there’s a whole host of natural ingredients, in keeping with Caudalie’s clean beauty philosophy.

The product boasts a new firming combination too:

Iris extract is known for its firming properties while grape-seed polyphenols protect the skin against free radicals, responsible for 80 percent of the signs of skin ageing. They also have toning properties and help preserve collagen.

Shea butter helps with firming (and adds to that seriously delicious smell), while grape seed oil nourishes and protects the skin.

Mathilde & Bertrand Thomas brought Caudalie to life in 1995 and Mathilde has shared the inspiration for Vinosculpt:

“Being inspired by the most natural contouring programmes at our Vinothérapie Spa in Bordeaux, I created Vinosculpt to be like a professional treatment you can continue yourself at home”.

Priced at €29, the new body cream is available to buy now.