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04th Oct 2019

I tried Nano-Needling for the first time and it left my face absolutely glowing

Melissa Carton

I’m really careful when it comes to what I use on my skin.

When it comes to anti-ageing remedy I’ve never liked the idea of getting anything too invasive or extreme as I worry that I wouldn’t like the results afterwards.

I’ve always tried to keep my skin in good condition by drinking water and making sure I protect it from elements like the sun which can cause damage and premature ageing.

For the most part, I’m happy with my skin but like most people, I have problem areas. My skin type is oily so I often get open pores and redness around my nose which can make my skin look dull. It also makes it more difficult to apply makeup as products often sink into my skin and become patchy.

Last week I visited The Gut Skin Clinic at Vitality Centre in Dublin for a consultation on how to improve the condition of my skin and potentially book in for a treatment.

In the end I decided to try Nano-Needling to help close my pores and bring back a healthy glow to my skin.

Nano needling is a treatment used in combination with Vitamin A Retinaldehyde and other skin nutrients to gently and effectively enhance the appearance of the dermis where scarring and advanced wrinkles are not the main concern.

First off before I get into my treatment I have to talk about the bed which I really wanted to take home. I thought at first it was just a really comfy heated mattress but was then informed that it was actually filled with warm amethyst.

I decided not to google where to get one as the price would probably make me cry. I’ll just have to book more appointments so I can try it out again.

During my visit I had a symbiotically balanced skincare range known as “Osmosis” used on my skin.

Osmosis is a holistic wellbeing skincare range rooted in science. It is 100 per cent free of microbead and parabens and all the nasties that can imbalance the delicate balance of skin and gut flora.

When you undergo RevitaPenPro Nano Needling at Vitality Centre the treatment includes a bespoke facial where a blend of advanced skin herbs and nutrients from Osmosis are mixed with hyaluronic serum.

Now before you look at the short video clip I’d just like to say that the red colour your see is the serum not blood. While it’s called Nano Needling there’s no actual needles as such involved, it’s just a little pen that vibrates on your face.

The benefit is that skin is invigorated to respond with glowing rejuvenation and I noticed I had a luminous complexion with increased firmness and elasticity.

Having two small kids I’ve found that one of my major skin problems is that it looks tired, and it is. Most days I don’t drink half as much water as I should and I definitely don’t get enough sleep.

One of the reasons I chose to go to Vitality is because as well as skin treatments they also talk you through steps you can take with your diet and lifestyle choices to improve your complexion.

Very often skin treatments at the clinic are combined with other gut health protocols such as colonic hydrotherapy.

Since having my first treatment at Vitality on Grafton Street I’ve noticed a big difference in the condition of my skin especially around my pores and under eye area.

The areas around my nose and under my eyes would often suffer from red patches that would come through even when I wore concealer.

Now my complexion is much more balanced and with the aftercare products, which everyone who does a course of the treatment are provided with, I hope to keep my skin in a much healthier condition.

To see more examples of Nano needling or to book a consultation visit the Vitality website or email them at